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Friday, January 5, 2018

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How to activate Windows 10 original

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How to activate Windows 10 original - When we will install the operating system on our computer or laptop, we must be faced with two options to buy original software or pirated software or crack. We recommend that we buy the original for example in our house simply by using the operating system like Windows 10 Home basic that the price is still about 1 jt an enough to save money every month to buy the original Windows Operating system. In buying Original software will include serial numbernya in the box. Here are some advantages if we use the original windows software.

Advantages if you are using Genuine Windows or Windows Original

  1. The first is Support: By using the Windows Original Tool, you get direct access from Microsoft and its partners, if you need your help they are ready to support, you can also update your Windows to update the latest support from Windows.
  2. Affordable: Buying Windows Original is cheaper and affordable Let's say Windows (OEM) is the most appropriate and affordable way for customers to get genuine Windows.
  3. No risk: Unauthentic Windows may also contain viruses, corrupt your files, and many other malicious software.
  4. Appropriate expectation: By Buying Windows Original yourself that your Windows is accompanied by documentation, Serial Number, components and features provided by Microsoft, All official programs, have a feature to identify its authenticity.
  5. Update: Your computer can update from Microsoft you can download complete free available, including Microsoft Security Essentials.
 If you do not activate after 30 days of trial period, Windows will automatically request for activation so you can not use Window back before you activate the Windows. Actually in Windows 7 or Windows 10 also provides the extension period of this trial to be for 120 days (30 days of the first trial and plus the extension period for 90 days, to a total of 120 days). Surely this is on condition that you understand how to extend the trial period of Windows 10. Then what if your Windows is Original then you need to do you activate it to become original or Genuine. Here are the steps to activate the original windows.

How to activation Windows 10 Original 

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet
  2. Login in Start Windows then enter in settings
  3. Then select Update & Security
  4. Then you select Activation
  5. If your windows is not already in Activation then Activation will be written Windows is not Activated if it is activated it will be inscribed Windows is activated with a digital license.
  6. Then Click Change product key. Then will appear Another window will open you in order to enter the product key Windows 10. Make sure you already have the product key Windows 10 is usually included in the Windows box.
  7. Once your key product is entered correctly, Click Next to proceed to Activate Windows page 10. Then the Activation process will start.
  8. Wait for the Windows 10 Activation process to complete.
  9. If it is completed then there is a notification that Windows is already successful in activation (Windows is activated)
  10. If it is then click Close
Now Look at Start Windows -settings-Update & Security-Activation then your Activation status now becomes Windows is activated with a digital license. Now you can use Windows 10 full. In the Activation menu can also be used to Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. Of course you have to buy serial key first and serial key is just for activation windows according to which you buy let alone you buy Windows home and serial key you want make Activation of Windows pro then serial key will not be for Activation of Windows pro before. Similarly tutorials and tips on how to Activate windows 10 Original


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