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Thursday, December 28, 2017

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How to Save Data on Google Drive for PC and Android

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How to save data on google Drive - Friends  have you ever thought to save your data and photo or video safety of your beautiful moments? So that when one day your hard disk or storage memory is damaged suddenly your data is still there and saved. Many free Cloud-based storage you can use to store your data. Here I will discuss how to save data on google Drive as one of Google's free cloud services.
Google Drive is one of the free Cloud services offered by Google when you sign up for free 15 Gb of capacity and if you want to add you can pay for more capacity from Google. Google Drive can connect with other google services like gmail, google search.
Google Drive in addition to storing data can also to create and edit documents, In addition you can open Google Drive in web browser and Android. For more details you can follow how to save data on google drive as follows.

How to save data on google drive for PC and Android

1. Sign in to Google Drive page at the following address https://www.google.com/drive/
2. Please login with your Gmail user and password.
3. Then you are taken to the Google Drive dashboard page.
4. On the dashboard page you can Create folders, Upload files, Upload folders and use Google Docs, Google sheets as well as Google Slides

 5. To save your file just select Upload Files menu, If you want to Upload all Folder live select Upload Folder. You just drag your files to Google Drave or also through Open files you can also upload many files at once with select files that will be uploaded. See the picture below.

6. Wait until Process finishes so your files are already in the Google Drive dashboard.

You have successfully saved data on google drive for pc and also android. For Android the same way, you just download the application in playstore. This is our tutorial on how to easily store data in google Drive.


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