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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Google cloud backup android, phone backup

3:54 AM

Google cloud backup android, phone backup -  Google Cloud is a place where google can store all data files and applications that exist in android phones and other data outside the phone. To guard against data loss phone backup when your phone is damaged or your phone is lost. This Cloud Backup  will your data be retrieved on your new phone anytime through your Google Cloud account.

Replace phones can be very frustrating because you have all the contacts, settings and data stored on your old phone. Android phones have the ability to make backups of information to Google Cloud servers

how to backup to the Google cloud backup android

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  1. Press the home button on the phone. Press the Menu key and then tap Setting
    Google cloud backup android, phone backup
  2. Scroll down to Privacy or Backup & reset then give a checklist in Back up My Data to enable Google Cloud backup
    Privacy or Backup & reset to enable Google Cloud backup
  3.  Check again at Automatic Restore if you want Google to send data to a new phone after signing in with your Google account.
  4. The data will take several minutes to backup the information. Not every app will be backed up to Google Cloud, but apps created by Google and apps using Google Cloud backup program codes that will store data to Google servers.
The Google Cloud backup can restore contacts, Wi-Fi passwords, internet bookmarks, words added to your keyboard dictionary and list of apps installed on the phone. Google cloud Backup will not store text messages. If you want to save it, you can search apps on Google Play to back up SMS messages.

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