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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Free cloud storage for photos

11:30 PM

Google auto backup photos - Surely you do not want to experience the collection of photos on the lost mobile phone. Either because the memory card is suddenly damaged or is not accidentally to reset. In addition you can do a regular backup on your laptop or computer, Now there is a more effective way to secure your precious photos. is cloud storage, an online file storage service where you can upload a collection of photographs and documents.
Free cloud storage for photos

Advantages of Using cloud storage

  1. Can Be Accessed Where and Anytime
    As long as you connect to the internet anytime you can access photos via smartphone app or browser on laptop
  2. Privacy and awake
    If Saving a collection of photos to a cloud storage application, confidentiality is definitely more secure. Because to access the account required login with username and password.
  3. Large Capacity 15 GB, 100 GB to 200 GB
    Cloud-based data storage is safer and risk-free, Free capacity given was quite large, If you want to add a larger you can pay to get it.
  4. Many cloud backup providers
    Furthermore, you can read article 6 Best Cloud BackupCloud backup providers start Google, Microsoft and other providers. You must choose a service that is trusted and keep well your account should not be taken over by irresponsible people.
One of the conveniences that you can enjoy is Auto Upload Photos from Android to Cloud Storage.
Google Photos . Various online services offer this convenience. But what is the best service?

Best Free cloud storage for photos

  1. Google Photos
    Google Photos is a cloud-based or cloud-based online photo storage app. Interestingly, this app offers a variety of interesting functions and easy use, making it like a department store. Every photo you store on your smartphone Android will be automatically moved to the cloud and instantly accessible on various Android gadgets that use your account after Google Photos is installed. Users do not have to worry whether all photos can be uploaded Google Photos,Because Google provides unlimited capacity. Condition, photos uploaded to Google Photos have a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels. Not just photos, 1080 pixels resolution video can also go to Google Photos.
  2. Dropbox
    Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service and has an Android app that allows you to upload photos automatically. The drawback of drobox is the capacity provided for free only 2GB. Small size, especially for you who are planning to store all the photos in Dropbox. You can use the premium service that has a rate of $ 10 / month for 100GB to $ 50 / month for 500GB.
  3. SkyDrive 
    SkyDrive is a cloud storage (online storage) offered by Microsoft. Where we can 'entrust' data to Microsoft servers with one same account (Windows Live ID). This service is equivalent to other services like dropbox or Google Drive. Only with Lumia devices, Skydrive will be more practical than the other services mentioned earlier. With default SkyDrive settings enabled when you save the file. If you use skydrive there can save as many photos as possible here, You can automatically upload photos to your SkyDrive.
  4. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos
    Amazon Cloud Drive Photos provides free storage of 5GB. You just need to run some short settings and later this app will run automatic upload every photo and video you take using your Android device. So your photos will be safe if you save your photo collection on the Amazon Cloud Drive. You can also use the cloud backup feature for your photos here.
So you just want to use the cloud backup photos you like, if you feel less cloud storage capacity you can rent by paying per year. All have the same benefits and features of Free cloud storage for photos

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