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Friday, July 7, 2017

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Cloud Backup Storage Solutions for Small Business

10:57 AM

Cloud Backup Storage Solutions for Small Business - Backup Storage cloud is one of the best investments that can be done for small businesses. Disaster happens anytime, When your device breaks down unexpectedly and you will not know when it happens. Cloud Backup storage is also a perfect backup file tool, especially for large documents and multimedia files to send via email. Whether you currently need a reliable cloud data backup solution, fast access to all your files wherever you are or easy way to share files with clients and colleagues - or all of the above.

Cloud Backup Storage Solutions for Small Business

Following some Cloud Backup Storage Solutions for Small Business
  1. OpenDrive
    OpenDrive is a backup cloud-based cloud storage and office suite that you can easily access from anywhere. OpenDrive is free up to 5GB. If you want unlimited storage, check the pay plan starting from $ 12.95 per month. Further you can visit Website: www.opendrive.com.
  2. Livedrive
    Livedrive is a leading provider of cloud storage and online sync storage. For small businesses, Livedrive is also the same as others that also offer cloud storage, with the capabilities of sync with the cloud, Web sharing and also cloud collaboration and online backup services. The service offers two different business plans - Express and Standard - which range from $ 37 to $ 125 per month. Livedrive also has three different plans for individuals, which cost between $ 6 and $ 19 per month. Website: www.livedrive.com.
  3. Dropbox
    Dropbox is one of the most popular alternative and cloud storage solutions today. You can store, backup, share and sync data across all desktop computer devices to laptops, tablets and smartphones and via the Dropbox app or the Dropbox site. When registering Users get 2 GB of free storage. For more storage, Dropbox offers paid subscriptions starting at $ 8.25 per month per user and comes with 1TB of space. Business accounts with unlimited storage are also available for $ 12.50 per month per user, which includes security enhancements, team management tools, and priority email and phone support. Website: www.dropbox.com.
  4. Google Drive
    Google Drive Cloud storage not only aims to store files only, It is also a great platform for real-time collaboration of all your devices. You can save and edit or work on Docs, Sheets, and Slides (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) directly in Google Drive itself. You can add monthly capacity and subscriptions, starting from $ 1.99 per month for 100 GB. Visit directly to his website Website: drive.google.com.
  5. Microsoft OneDrive
    Microsoft also presents cloud backup that can be found in Microsoft office 365. OneDrive is a free service for free storage up to 5 GB. You can add Storage available with paid subscriptions with capacities ranging from 100GB. Visit Website: onedrive.live.com.
  6. Zip Cloud
    Zip Cloud offers unlimited backups, Pricing for cloud backup plans for businesses ranges from $ 35.94 per month to a storage capacity of 100 GB. Please visit his website Website: www.zipcloud.com

Plan for cloud backup for your Cloud Backup Storage Solutions for Small Business data security.


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