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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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6 best Cloud Backup

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6 best Cloud Backup - We live in an era that brings us to cloud storage, which is bound to become a must have service for everyone. Whether you are an Apple, Windows or Android user, cloud storage will be a 'must' for you. Cloud storage is way more efficient than other storage that will not take your own storage anywhere and will not let you lack memory as well. With the help of cloud storage you will not have to carry the hard drive to retrieve data to different places. In addition, SD cards and even internal memory storage trends are fading now. Cloud storage takes the place of storage. Here we will discuss the 8 best Android  cloud backup services for you.
6 Best Cloud Backup

1. Amazon Cloud drive
Amazon Cloud drives are the most beloved peak of cloud storage. It has two flavors. One is Unlimited Photos and the other is Unlimited Everything. This clearly illustrates the meaning of both flavors. You can buy huge storage except for if you want extra space in addition to the available free storage provided. It can be used easily to get backup android service cloud.
2. Box
Box is an application that provides cloud storage services for android devices. Service is available for free but users have to pay to get more space. But the rates are so cheap for the users to afford. Download this app from the app store and create an account.
3. Copy
Copy is a very less known cloud storage available but it is good enough for android users. This is a very easy to use app. You can back up all your files to this cloud storage.
4. Google Drive
Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services around the world. Google Drive works perfectly for all file types and gives large space to its users to copy their files from smartphone to cloud storage. It is very easy to use as it gives its users many different facilities like sharing and editing their own files on the drive.
5. OneDrive
OneDrive is Microsoft's data storage service, so you do not have to worry about the quality and network server. Exclaimed, this service offers 15 GB of free space when you register. It's up to that size you use to save important photos, videos, or documents Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so forth.

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From within OneDrive you can create, edit and share important documents regardless of which device you use. Want it Macbook, Android tablet, or Windows Phone, all can be done through OneDrive.
6. TeamDrive
TeamDrive provides 10 GB for free for you who register. With seamless intercomputer synchronization, you can share documents, music, pictures and folders to your colleagues or just keep them open later in the world. The advantage of TeamDrive service is its high level of security. TeamDrive protects your data with 256 bit encryption, the latest security system that makes your data harder to break down. In addition, only you are entitled to determine who wrote who may access your data.

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Of the 6 cloud backups above is the best cloud backup at this time. You can choose one or more to backup your files and data in cloud backup


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