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Friday, January 5, 2018

How to activate Windows 10 original

How to activate Windows 10 original - When we will install the operating system on our computer or laptop, we must be faced with two options to buy original software or pirated software or crack. We recommend that we buy the original for example in our house simply by using the operating system like Windows 10 Home basic that the price is still about 1 jt an enough to save money every month to buy the original Windows Operating system. In buying Original software will include serial numbernya in the box. Here are some advantages if we use the original windows software.

Advantages if you are using Genuine Windows or Windows Original

  1. The first is Support: By using the Windows Original Tool, you get direct access from Microsoft and its partners, if you need your help they are ready to support, you can also update your Windows to update the latest support from Windows.
  2. Affordable: Buying Windows Original is cheaper and affordable Let's say Windows (OEM) is the most appropriate and affordable way for customers to get genuine Windows.
  3. No risk: Unauthentic Windows may also contain viruses, corrupt your files, and many other malicious software.
  4. Appropriate expectation: By Buying Windows Original yourself that your Windows is accompanied by documentation, Serial Number, components and features provided by Microsoft, All official programs, have a feature to identify its authenticity.
  5. Update: Your computer can update from Microsoft you can download complete free available, including Microsoft Security Essentials.
 If you do not activate after 30 days of trial period, Windows will automatically request for activation so you can not use Window back before you activate the Windows. Actually in Windows 7 or Windows 10 also provides the extension period of this trial to be for 120 days (30 days of the first trial and plus the extension period for 90 days, to a total of 120 days). Surely this is on condition that you understand how to extend the trial period of Windows 10. Then what if your Windows is Original then you need to do you activate it to become original or Genuine. Here are the steps to activate the original windows.

How to activation Windows 10 Original 

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet
  2. Login in Start Windows then enter in settings
  3. Then select Update & Security
  4. Then you select Activation
  5. If your windows is not already in Activation then Activation will be written Windows is not Activated if it is activated it will be inscribed Windows is activated with a digital license.
  6. Then Click Change product key. Then will appear Another window will open you in order to enter the product key Windows 10. Make sure you already have the product key Windows 10 is usually included in the Windows box.
  7. Once your key product is entered correctly, Click Next to proceed to Activate Windows page 10. Then the Activation process will start.
  8. Wait for the Windows 10 Activation process to complete.
  9. If it is completed then there is a notification that Windows is already successful in activation (Windows is activated)
  10. If it is then click Close
Now Look at Start Windows -settings-Update & Security-Activation then your Activation status now becomes Windows is activated with a digital license. Now you can use Windows 10 full. In the Activation menu can also be used to Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. Of course you have to buy serial key first and serial key is just for activation windows according to which you buy let alone you buy Windows home and serial key you want make Activation of Windows pro then serial key will not be for Activation of Windows pro before. Similarly tutorials and tips on how to Activate windows 10 Original

Thursday, December 28, 2017

How to Save Data on Google Drive for PC and Android

How to save data on google Drive - Friends  have you ever thought to save your data and photo or video safety of your beautiful moments? So that when one day your hard disk or storage memory is damaged suddenly your data is still there and saved. Many free Cloud-based storage you can use to store your data. Here I will discuss how to save data on google Drive as one of Google's free cloud services.
Google Drive is one of the free Cloud services offered by Google when you sign up for free 15 Gb of capacity and if you want to add you can pay for more capacity from Google. Google Drive can connect with other google services like gmail, google search.
Google Drive in addition to storing data can also to create and edit documents, In addition you can open Google Drive in web browser and Android. For more details you can follow how to save data on google drive as follows.

How to save data on google drive for PC and Android

1. Sign in to Google Drive page at the following address https://www.google.com/drive/
2. Please login with your Gmail user and password.
3. Then you are taken to the Google Drive dashboard page.
4. On the dashboard page you can Create folders, Upload files, Upload folders and use Google Docs, Google sheets as well as Google Slides

 5. To save your file just select Upload Files menu, If you want to Upload all Folder live select Upload Folder. You just drag your files to Google Drave or also through Open files you can also upload many files at once with select files that will be uploaded. See the picture below.

6. Wait until Process finishes so your files are already in the Google Drive dashboard.

You have successfully saved data on google drive for pc and also android. For Android the same way, you just download the application in playstore. This is our tutorial on how to easily store data in google Drive.

How to Enable / Disable Startup In Windows 10

How to Turn Off Enable / Disable Startup In Windows 10 - Startup In Windows 10 is not the same as Startup In Windows 7 on Windows 10 setting to shut down startup is very easy unlike Windows 7. Windows 10 is a fast and responsive operating system, but if you has many applications to start when starting your computer, the computer can damage the boot process substantially. Unfortunately, many of the applications you install will add itself to your boot process for various reasons, automatic updates being one of the main ones. Let's discuss how to disable startup programs / apps in Windows 10 and make booting faster

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

There are 2 ways to open Task manager using "Taskbar" and "start"

1.  Open your task manager via the taskbar just right click on your taskbar then select Task Manager
2  Once Task Manager opens then select on the Startup tab as below

3. Then please disable all or select the do not want stat when the computer run.

How to open Task Manager with "start" menu

Right click on the left corner stat menu then Select Task Manager as shown below. For the next step follow like number 2 and 3 above.

With disable many applications that run when your computer is on then your computer or laptop will be light and fast to boot to Windows. After your startup settings in Task Manager Windows 10 then now the computer tones light up with no load at startup.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

(New) How to reset windows 10

How to reset windows 10 - If your computer is not running as it should, you get a weird error or you just want to restore it to its original state, Windows 10 has your answer. The operating system provides a number of options that allow you to restore your computer to its previous state. Here's how to reset your PC in Windows 10.
1. Click Start the lower left corner. Then click the gear icon (Settings) on the Start menu
2. Select "Update & security"
3. Select recovery menu on the left
 Windows 10 presents three main options: Reset this PC, Go back to an earlier build and Advanced startup, Reset this PC is the best choice to start fresh again you can delete existing installers and back as early as you installed Windows 10. Advanced startup lets you boot from USB recovery or disk drives and "Go back to an earlier build" is made for Windows Insiders who want to roll back to previous versions of the OS.
4. For the next step click get started under reset this PC 
5. Next Select "Keep my files" or the "Remove everything" option, depending on whether you want to keep your data files intact. or all of your settings will return to the default and the app will be deleted just like when you first installed Windows.

6.  Click "Select" Just remove my files "or" Remove files and clean the drive "if you choose to" delete everything "in the previous step Cleaning the drive takes longer but will ensure that all drives will be erased and will be cleaned all, if you just want to delete the file then select "Just remove my files.", I suggest you select the "Just remove my file" because this will remove the drive c only.
7. Click Next if Windows warns you that you can not play back previous OS versions. 
8. Then Click the reset button. Then Windows will restart and take a few minutes to reset the computer when done.
9. Click Continue

Now you can How to reset windows 10 with ease, Note now your Windows is clean and start from scratch again as before.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How to Create Shortcut Files on Android

How to Create Shortcut Files in Android - how to create shortcuts on android home screen, Most Android homescreens consist of shortcuts in the form of rare applications that use shortcuts in the form of files. Placing an application shortcut on the homescreen is just a matter of long emphasis on its icon in the already installed app drawer, but what if you want to shortcut to a specific one such as MP3s, documents or videos and files?

Shortcut file is a shortcut that shaped like a PDF document file, whose purpose is to speed open the file we want. If you usually see an application-shaped shortcut, this time I will share how to create a shortcut in the form of a file.

 How to Create Shortcut Files on Android

  • Download and install ES File Explorer File Manager. There is also another file manager that lets you create shortcut files, but for this tip, we will use File Manager File Explorer. See picture below


  •  Open File Manager File ES Explorer
  • Search or Navigate to the file, file or folder you want to use as a shortcut. You can also redirect to a file using the Category menu on the homescreen ES File Explorer File Manager. or maybe you already remember letakk file in the search you can go straight there. See picture below
  • Tap the overflow icon (three vertical dots) in the top right corner
  • Add to Desktop
  • Tap the overflow icon (three vertical dots) in the top right corner. Now open your Android homescreens if File Shortcut has appeared on your Android? When you have then you can press the shortcut to shortcut open your file.
  •  Now you've created a shortcut that makes it easy to open your favorite files on android. Hopefully this article useful for you.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Considerations In Choosing a Cloud Backup Service for Business

Considerations In Choosing a Cloud Backup Service for BusinessInformation technology is the backbone of today's business operations. At this time the events of downtime and cyber attacks have made headlines in recent months. The need for a Disaster Recovery Plan is increasingly being recognized in all business sectors. Especially for business people, understanding of data storage services is very important, therefore I will give you some factors to consider in choosing cloud backup before you step on long-term contract.

Factors Considerations In Choosing a Cloud Backup Service for Business

In choosing cloud backup services for business, there are a few things to note, including:

1. Priority
Such as determining what assets will be backed up on the cloud backup service. The determination may be prepared after creating a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), meaning any assets are most important to keep running in case of system interruption. Thus, your IT operations can keep running to support your business.
In addition to BIA, you should also measure RTOs and RPOs related to customer costs and consequences.

2. Location
Network latency can cause damage and loss to data that is backed up and on the repair process. For that, follow the best practices according to international standards, namely by choosing cloud backup services within 50 km from your location to reduce the risk of data loss.

In terms of location, we see still many practitioners who have not understood the importance of the ideal distance in terms of data communications for the company's critical mission. The integrity of damaged data and data loss can raise the problem publicly. Ultimately, the company's reputation will decrease and this will have its own cost consequences.

3. Backup Technology
We must also consider the backup technology used by the cloud provider. This technology is not only limited to fail over and fail back only, but also must be able to recognize patterns of data behavior. So, if there is invalid data such as malware exposed type ransomware then the backup system can disconnect the process. Ransomware can infect the system again if data is recovered still infected. Ransomware can change digital signatures every few seconds.

4. Data Center Infrastructure
In choosing a cloud backup service, it is mandatory to pay attention to the data center infrastructure used by the cloud provider. It's not that hard to imagine. Choose cloud backup service using TIER III data center infrastructure from Uptime Institute and ISO 27001 certification for data center security management. In this way, you can trust the service level provided by the cloud backup provider

5. Service Support
 A professional cloud backup service has multilevel support for escalation issues, both with ticketing and phone systems. Support the service will greatly help your IT team in solving problems according to the level of the problem, so it will be more structured and can adapt in your BCP strategy.

6. Flexibility

In general, ideally a cloud service of any type should be flexible on a scale of capacity and payment for use only. Therefore, nowadays it is not only enterprise-scale enterprises that can enjoy disaster recovery facilities, even medium and small companies can have disaster recovery facilities for their business resilience.

Why Backup Cloud Services Should Be Suitable For Your Business Needs?

Actually the cloud for all types of services will fit on a certain scale. At some point, like the Drop Box that used to be a cloud data center, it now moves to on-premise data centers (physical data centers) in different regions (Edge Data Center).

Maintaining business continuity is a key requirement for every business. Where information technology becomes the backbone of operations, partial or total backup is urgently needed. Cloud backup services can be a solution in maintaining the sustainability of your business.

No one ever knows when the downtime or data damage occurred. Only the company's reserves can avoid the problem. Downtime and data damage both due to hardware damage, human error, force-majeur, and cyber attacks, will have an impact on much greater costs.

The development of information technology has ushered in the era of digital transformation, chances are large enough, small companies can overtake and beat big companies. Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise, DDoS botnet mirror threats in combination with malware infiltration. The whole company must be prepared for this challenge.

Therefore, it is high time now that middle companies such as Insurance, Regional Development Bank, Fintech Startup, Restaurant and Retail with many branches, to start using cloud backup service.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Free cloud storage for photos

Google auto backup photos - Surely you do not want to experience the collection of photos on the lost mobile phone. Either because the memory card is suddenly damaged or is not accidentally to reset. In addition you can do a regular backup on your laptop or computer, Now there is a more effective way to secure your precious photos. is cloud storage, an online file storage service where you can upload a collection of photographs and documents.
Free cloud storage for photos

Advantages of Using cloud storage

  1. Can Be Accessed Where and Anytime
    As long as you connect to the internet anytime you can access photos via smartphone app or browser on laptop
  2. Privacy and awake
    If Saving a collection of photos to a cloud storage application, confidentiality is definitely more secure. Because to access the account required login with username and password.
  3. Large Capacity 15 GB, 100 GB to 200 GB
    Cloud-based data storage is safer and risk-free, Free capacity given was quite large, If you want to add a larger you can pay to get it.
  4. Many cloud backup providers
    Furthermore, you can read article 6 Best Cloud BackupCloud backup providers start Google, Microsoft and other providers. You must choose a service that is trusted and keep well your account should not be taken over by irresponsible people.
One of the conveniences that you can enjoy is Auto Upload Photos from Android to Cloud Storage.
Google Photos . Various online services offer this convenience. But what is the best service?

Best Free cloud storage for photos

  1. Google Photos
    Google Photos is a cloud-based or cloud-based online photo storage app. Interestingly, this app offers a variety of interesting functions and easy use, making it like a department store. Every photo you store on your smartphone Android will be automatically moved to the cloud and instantly accessible on various Android gadgets that use your account after Google Photos is installed. Users do not have to worry whether all photos can be uploaded Google Photos,Because Google provides unlimited capacity. Condition, photos uploaded to Google Photos have a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels. Not just photos, 1080 pixels resolution video can also go to Google Photos.
  2. Dropbox
    Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service and has an Android app that allows you to upload photos automatically. The drawback of drobox is the capacity provided for free only 2GB. Small size, especially for you who are planning to store all the photos in Dropbox. You can use the premium service that has a rate of $ 10 / month for 100GB to $ 50 / month for 500GB.
  3. SkyDrive 
    SkyDrive is a cloud storage (online storage) offered by Microsoft. Where we can 'entrust' data to Microsoft servers with one same account (Windows Live ID). This service is equivalent to other services like dropbox or Google Drive. Only with Lumia devices, Skydrive will be more practical than the other services mentioned earlier. With default SkyDrive settings enabled when you save the file. If you use skydrive there can save as many photos as possible here, You can automatically upload photos to your SkyDrive.
  4. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos
    Amazon Cloud Drive Photos provides free storage of 5GB. You just need to run some short settings and later this app will run automatic upload every photo and video you take using your Android device. So your photos will be safe if you save your photo collection on the Amazon Cloud Drive. You can also use the cloud backup feature for your photos here.
So you just want to use the cloud backup photos you like, if you feel less cloud storage capacity you can rent by paying per year. All have the same benefits and features of Free cloud storage for photos

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